[15:11 5/6/2019]

Cyanoacrylate is tasty. Not sponsored.

Ok so
[17:31 5/3/2019]

Apparently, WD-40 is not a lubricant. I'm buying some actual lubricant tomorrow. Also gonna run down and get me a new soldering iron. Bout time.

[11:46 5/2/2019]

Had time off work, so i decided to relax in general. I'm still working on the newest laptop, ordered some hot glue and WD-40 so once i am done with it, the story should be mildly exciting. I'll try to update everything soon.

[22:11 4/30/2019]

im working i swear

Oh heccins yes
[20:38 4/27/2019]

I'm pumped as hell, i got a really cool laptop from my favorite shop and it sorta works too, so i am mega pumped to work on it some more. I will also try to get all the other laptop case studies out too, along with the new one. Oh also, big thanks to all the new followers, i hope you find my obscure website interesting enough.

[10:55 4/27/2019]

Its yet another Saturday so you know what that means. Ok well, in case you don't, it means that i am bored in class. This time i'm editing the site from my Windows 2000 Dell and i gotta say, its not too bad. Yeah, its pretty darn slow, and the Firefox version is outdated and i am missing a few buttons, but at least it can run the site's built-in editor. Later today i plan to drop by the market again, since the guy told me he'll have something interesting for me this time and i am quite intrigued.

[17:54 4/24/2019]

I just recalled an idea i had a while back, which was making a tamagotchi website, kinda like Neopets, but the whole twist is you feed your pets garbage Steam items, like coupons, crates, etc to keep them kicking. It was kinda even done, i just lost the source code. I wonder if i should bring it back? It has a great shitpost potential. I'd probably have to work hard, which i dont know how to do, but i could try? Hmmm. Oh also i ordered a pack of DVDs and they didn't arrive, i am devastated, and morbidly shocked. Where are my discs. I want discs. Now. Please. If anybody knows who killed the delivery guy, please HMU.

[21:27 4/23/2019]

Ok, well, the laptop works! I have outlined the procedure i used to "bring it back to life" in it's own huge post in the laptops tab! Thats right, i added a laptops tab. Now i can document my laptop abuse sessions. I feel like i am being too wordy recently. Why could that be? I'll definitely be taking it to class on Satuday. I will also write down the stories for the other laptops, although they aren't as well documented. Maybe thats a good sign, considering how long that page got. Hmm.

Great news!
[10:27 4/22/2019]

The charger has arrived! Unfortunately, it has no voltage controller, so its stuck at 19.5v, which in itself isn't a problem, but the fact that it cost 5$ more than the one that does have a controller kinda makes me upset. Although, i suppose i haven't had much choice, seeing as how this seems to be the only one that "fits" (by fits i mean i had huge struggle shoving it together, being the weakling that i am) the adapter for this laptop's charging port, i think i would rather have this setup than wait more. I'm impatient. Anyway, i put everything together, and upon plugging it in the computer powered on and everything seems to be working! I will make a more thorough post about my findings regarding this laptop later, i kinda wanna make posts dedicated specifically to these topics, but on their own pages. Anyway, i know what i will be doing this week.

More on laptops
[8:04 4/21/2019]

My brain seems to have returned to a more stable condition, so i can make an update post!

Ok, so whats up? I have gone to my favorite stall in the flea market again, and bought another laptop. In the process i seem to have thoroughly confused the guy that works there, because i just keep coming and i keep buying his old laptops. I think i am the only guy that's ever bought them from him, since he seems to have a lot of stock. Anyway, this time its a Dell Lattitude CPi A-series, with user manuals dating back to 1998. I wonder why nobody logs the release date of laptops? Seriously, i haven't found a single site documenting a release date of a laptop, and i look up every laptop i buy. Weird. That aside, it uses a quirky square charging port with 3 connectors which i didn't have a charger for, so i bought an adapter. And the adapter doesn't fit on my universal charger, so thats that. Bought another one, gonna have it delivered on monday or so. Till then, its a mystery. The guy insisted he gives me no warranty and im like, dude chill, i get it. I think he is afraid i will try to refund? But honestly, it will cost as much as that laptop itself to get to the flea market over train and 2 bus rides, cause the laptop is liek 5$ total. Another thing, should i make a laptop tab? Like to update you on the progress of restoring the laptops i buy? May be intersting to some people. Also, what OS should i put on it? Tragically this laptop had it's OS sticker peeled. Great loss, i am mourning. I have had another lattitude that i bought that was crushed, but it's OS sticker survived and its a Windows 2000. I could also put MSDOS or i could try to put the fabled Gentoo on it. How hard can it be, right? I think it shouldn't be too hard, but i've only ever pressed buttons to install stuff. Anyway, sorry for rambling, this post is longer than the constitution at this point. Should i maybe just implement a polling system? Could be more useful than this. Anyway, have a good day! I may post pics of the laptop later.

[12:03 4/18/2019]

Brain tired... be back later.

Random thoughts
[20:04 4/15/2019]

I apologize for my relative inactivity on the site, i've been both busy and lazy recently. Plus, i've been feeling tired from having to go to sleep at 2 am every day. Might not seem as late to some people, but i can't handle it without getting drowsy and disoriented during the day. Anyway, i decided to write an update post just in case. Yes.

Its a bit of a long shot, but if anyone is interested, i could try and make the script that organizes my posts into pages into a jQuery plugin. Could add filters and all, would be cool. If anyone actually thinks it would be a neat idea or actually needs a script like that, let me know. I haven't done any research, so a script like that might already exist. Also on a slightly unrelated note, i saw a couple people on Neocities get random top banners. Pretty nice to have more people in the random-top-banner-image club. If you want one too, the code is pretty simple, goes something liek this:

  var items = [
  var item = items[Math.floor(Math.random()*items.length)];
  document.write(`<img class="d-block" src="${item}">`);

You should put your banner pics into a folder or something, but you could link anything there tbh. If you put them in a folder and they all are named in a pattern with the same format, like banner0.png, banner1.png and so on, you could even shorten the code with a loop, something like:

  var items = [];
  var totalImagesInFolder = 10;
  for(var i = 0; i < totalImagesInFolder; i++) items.push('banner'+i+'.png');
  var item = items[Math.floor(Math.random()*items.length)];
  document.write(`<img class="d-block" src="${item}">`);

This is quite the long, rambly post, isn't it. I don't know what to do, i'm a bit bored. I've been poking around on that Windows98 laptop i got a week or 2 ago. Pretty neat. Windows98 comes with a Personal Web Server add-on, so that was fun to explore. Also old games. I got SimCity 2000 and SimCity Classic running on it, but thats as much as i have tried. I wanna try something related to Visual Studio or some other IDE, but so far i have been unsuccessfull with finding an installation file. Oh well.

Thanks for reading i suppose.

Edit: Added some small quality-of-life updates around the /website, like the spoiler script and such.

Stuff 2
[13:02 4/9/2019]

I've finally added some window animations. Yey. Sorry for not being so actiive. Also, big thanks to all the new followers! As usual, if you have any suggestions or ideas relating to this site or to RexOS, or you need any help, let me know!

[18:42 4/5/2019]

Fixed a small bug with the browser app. Also noticed a few bugs on webkit, will get to those eventually. (I don't like Chrome, you see)

[20:10 4/4/2019]

I've got a few ideas for making the OS look more "authentic" so i will be experimenting with that, gonna take a bit of time to figure stuff out. Especially animations and design, because i have no idea what how to do these properly.

Please focus
[21:00 4/2/2019]

RexOS will now detect which window is focused. And will even emit an event when it becomes, and when it stops being focused. Pretty nifty. Turned out to be easier than i thought. I don't even know why i need that feature, but it is available. I guess i will slowly be redesigning how RexOS looks. If anyone has any ideas and suggestions, please let me know! Oh yeah, btw, forgot to mention, the Terminal now has more commands. Enjoy.

Minor updates
[11:27 4/2/2019]

I added more wallpapers and optimized the old ones. Not much else to do. If you have any ideas, let me know.

Scary virus
[12:29 4/1/2019]

Guise i think the virus is mutating! Someone keeps running it on my computer and its really annoying. Previously it opened a lot of new windows but now its also starting to open and move my existing programs. I don't know what to do, i may have to get an antivirus.

Auto pagination and other things
[9:40 4/1/2019]

The posts on this page now automatically arrange themselves into sub-pages. Kinda neat. Didn't do much on the weekend, was pretty tired. Bought 2 laptops to mess around with, although one looks like its been driven over by a semi truck so that one is going to be parted and sold. I guess ill make a page or something for my tech misadventures. Also Neocities isn't showing the updates i am making, at least to me, i hope i wasnt shadowbanned or something. Yeah.

Custom events
[10:27 3/29/2019]

I added custom event triggers to each window. This is freaking awesome, because i can now detect if the window was interacted with, and react to it accordingly, for example, to shut down the snake game when the window is closed. This will do leagues for both realism and performance. Well maybe not so much for performance, but you get my point. I should figure out how to pause and unpause the bandcamp embed i currently have in place of my music player. Wouldn't want music playing when you closed your window. Maybe i will just make my own.

[9:57 3/29/2019]

What are descriptive update titles? Never heard of em. Anyway, i rewrote some of the code behind the windows and now i can control their size and the ability to drag and resize them when creating them, which will let me have a lot more flexibility for a lot more cool things. Next up are custom shortcuts which will take more time to implement, but should be well worth it.

[22:30 3/28/2019]

Few minor updates and stuff. Optimized the banner images and did some simple bug fixes. Yeah.

[14:11 3/27/2019]

The next few updates will probably be some much needed code cleanups and backend changes. I haven't really got any ideas for anything new atm, so i'm pretty bored. If you have any ideas or maybe if you want something to be added, let me know! Maybe i could even add a file/program that you make. Who knows. Also, if you need any help on your site/project let me know, i'd be happy to help. I'm not too bad with website stuff.

Ok so
[19:21 3/26/2019]

The truck came back and apologized and i felt better. (that's not a metaphor, just a joke) I also implemented tabs into programs. So i'm gonna be adding more soon. The credits file is now a part of the About.exe app.

Small update
[9:27 3/26/2019]

Added a couple buttons to the start menu. I feel like i've been hit by a truck today, so i don't think i will be very productive. Although, who knows.

I'm making too many updates
[21:41 3/24/2019]

So i was bored enough to do more work on the site. I daydreamed a bit and realized i can take this very far and make this very fancy. If i have enough desire to mess with JS. Anyway, i added a Terminal, with no commands. I'll add some later. Also i made the windows be able to be resized from any corner. Sweet.

[20:27 3/24/2019]

Fixed a tiny pesky bug with the snake game. I think the next few updates will just be bug fixes and code clean ups.

Fixed the game
[16:58 3/24/2019]

Well i made some fixes to the snake game to make it more in shape. Hopefully there aren't any bugs, i am feeling kinda lazy today.

Games for epic gaymers
[24:00 3/24/2019]

I thought this computer was missing something, and i came to the conclusion it was games. I started implementing a game i already had made code for, that was on a separate site, but i just noticed the time and holy hell is it late. Anyway, i'm gonna hit the hay, and finish making the game properly playable tomorrow. Nite epic gamers.

Minor update
[19:08 3/23/2019]

I made the About information display in its own program. It was kinda weird in a text file, idunno. Also, if you do use my button, let me know and i will add yours too!

Start menu
[17:08 3/22/2019]

Now the Start button finally does something! When you click it, the button will pull up a Start menu, which contains links/buttons to other interesting and nice pages. As it should.

New updates tab
[12:29 3/22/2019]

Well, i finally made a tab to keep track of my site/computer updates. Storing it in the file was kinda awkward. I hope this won't be too confusing.

[10:12 3/21/2019]

I updated my website! Added like a bunch of colors and all. Idk how to make it look cool. All those other people on Neocities make theirs look so awesome. I gotta try and get some of that web street cred too.

[9:51 3/20/2019]

I finally installed a browser! This is very cool because i can finally connect to the Internet! I think i'm gonna make a website and keep track of my shenanigans there. I can't wait to make more friends!

[14:51 3/19/2019]

I made a new folder and added some code files into it. Its kinda cool how all the words are different colors and all.

[13:51 3/19/2019]

Minimal visual updates. Made the desktop background cycle a few cute pics. Rate my boyfriend's dog (it's the cute one with the bone). The kitty.jpg picture is his too. And he also drew boobison.png

[21:59 3/16/2019]

I decided to make some sorta way to track updates to this OS. I will probably make something more coherent and organized in the future, but for now a text file would do. There are a ton of bugs and a ton of features i plan to implement, and i will get to them sometime. If you really need me, you can drop me a line at my email: rex@source.dog (pls no spam kthxbye)